Interactive slots machine

What's un interactive slots machine

Slot machines usually have a specific theme. Some slot machines immerse you in Western, fantasy, or cartoon worlds, while others focus on love or money. However, those that attempt to relate a real story throughout consecutive rounds of play are rare.

A developer named Rival has taken this concept even further. In some of its slot machines, not only is a story narrated, but this story is interactive, evolving according to the symbols obtained on the screen or certain outcomes reached through special features.

These outstanding games are called iSlots and have become Rival’s specialty. In fact, it was thanks to them that Rival became known. The most famous are called As the Reels Turn 1, 2, & 3, A Switch in Time, and Spy Game, but there is also Baby Boomers Cash Cruise, whose entertainment content is exceptional!

Today, several developers have attempted their own interactive slot machines. Software developer Betsoft has offered us games like Whospunit? whose ambiance is reminiscent of the board game Clue. This video slot also has exceptionally well-executed 3D graphics.

As you might have guessed, interactive slot machines are among the most original slot machines. They often offer a wide range of special features and a lot of cinematic sequences to help you to follow the story being told.

These days, this type of slot machine is meeting with more and more success and is becoming, little by little, an essential category for players.