Progressive slots machine

Getting rich remains one of the most important wishes of players in online and offline casinos. However, there are not many ways to make this happen. You will have to use an effective method, like for example the basic strategy for blackjack, or roulette martingales with chain wins, or you have to win a jackpot at video poker, or a slot machine.

When you manage to get the rarest slot machine symbol combination, you will win what is called the 'jackpot'. This is the largest win you can get at a slot machine. Most slot machines have a fixed jackpot. Whenever you get the right combination you will always win the same amount of money. There are some slot machines though, that have a jackpot, which increases over time. These jackpots are called 'progressive' jackpots.

Each time a player places a bet at one of the machines with a progressive jackpot, a small percentage of the bet is taken and put into the jackpot. All the players of this game contribute to the jackpot. Sometimes, some of the progressive jackpot games can get higher than one million Euros. The jackpot of slot machine Mega Fortune even reached 17.6 million Euros in January 2013. After the jackpot has been won, they drop to a much lower jackpot, which then will start rising again. All software developers offer progressive jackpot slot machines in their game selection. However, Netent and Microgaming are particularly renowned for their jackpot games, as they offer the most attractive and largest jackpots.