Video slots machine

The first slot machines emerged in the last years of the 19th century. At this time, the games were operated mechanically. In the mid 1960s partially electronic slot machines got developed, and in the decade after that, the video slots emerged. These video slots did not use real reels anymore, they were replaced by a digital screen, and the symbols spun as soon as you pulled on the lever.

Nowadays, all slots at online and offline casinos have electronic components, nevertheless, the demand for mechanical slot machines is still big. In the first category there are all the slot machines with real reels, and in the other category are all the devices where the reels have been replaced with digital screens. The mechanical slots use three reels most of the time, but there are some that use four or even five reels. Video slot machines usually have five reels with only a few exceptions that have four or three reels.

Today, all game developers publish online casino video slots. Among them are the probably most popular developers Microgaming and Netent, who also do adaptations of big licenses, such as movies and comics. Betsoft and Sheriff Gaming design games with stunning 3D graphics, and Rival is specialised in interactive slot machines. There are also a few less well known developers that manage to hold the players attention. These include BetOnSoft, NextGen Gaming, and Leander Games.

The charm of video slots particularly lies within the funny animations, and sometimes impressive cinematic effects. Additionally, these slots often provide bonus games and special features that would be impossible to implement into a mechanical slot machine.