3d slots machine

Oonga Boonga

About Oonga Boonga slot machine

When you begin a game on the slot machine Oonga Boonga, you are plunged straight into the heart of the South American Jungle, into one of the prestigious pre-Columbian civilizations to which this continent gave rise. Equipped with well-polished 3D graphics, this video slot machine is very pleasing to the eye. It also offers choice entertainment content.

In fact, Oonga Boonga offers features that are just as original as they are addictive. For example, during a game, you don’t see the reels spinning. Instead, the symbols literally fall from the top of the screen. When these symbols form a paying combination, they disappear to leave their place to the symbols above them. You then obtain a new configuration on the screen that could allow you to win again. This system is combined with a scale of multipliers from 1x to 5x, which allow you to receive some very attractive payouts.