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About Aliens slot machine

After Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Scarface, and South Park, it was the turn of James Cameron's Aliens to be adapted into a slot machine by the developer Netent. To the delight of many fans it perfectly recreates the frightening world of the second episode of the Alien saga. In this game, you can expect to find everything that makes the original science fiction horror franchise so special.

The developer has put in a lot of effort especially into the features of the slot. Indeed, it has an implemented system of three levels, that follow the story of the movie. In the course of level 1 you browse the facilities of the settlers on planet LV-426, while having the chance of getting big multipliers. In level 2 you chain these multiplier with free spins trying to make your way through the corridor to the queen. You encounter her in level 3 in a particularly thrilling bonus game.

As you can imagine, the slot machine Aliens of Netent offers catchy and entertaining content which is very faithful to the original film atmosphere. It is a must to discover!